Not Your Average Mold Guys specialize in mold remediation, water damage rebuild, restoration and odor removal in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. We are INSURED, CERTIFIED and handle all of your mold removal needs.

We provide free estimates!


Finding the source of the mold is our top priority, so the issue is resolved the first time. We work with all types of customers from homeowners to renters to small businesses so we can help you too. You’ll find our pricing is very competitive and we offer a 10% discount to seniors and veterans.


Mold Removal

We contain the affected area and remove everything affected by the mold.

Attics and Crawlspaces

Have mold problems in your attic or crawlspace? No worries! We get down and dirty and use the right gear.


Not only are we certified remediation technicians but are also certified remodeling contractors.

Air Sample Testing

Air sampling is a method used to find out what airborne contaminants are present in your environment. Air is collected by using various methods and then, it is tested for the presence and concentration of hazardous substances and microorganisms.

Project Clean Up

At Not Your Average Mold Guys we are staffed with fully trained and certified professionals that can eradicate your mold, tare down and rebuild anything you need.

Free Estimates

Free estimates throughout the Chicagoland area and surrounding suburbs will travel to Wisconsin and Indiana for a low fee! Call to schedule your free estimate today!!!


Below are photos from some recent projects we’ve completed for people much like you. They had a mold problem, contacted us and now they have their home back the way it was.


Michael & David were really professional and did really great work on our mold problem. They performed a very thorough inspection, spending over an hour walking through every aspect of the job. Once we decided to proceed with them, they were able to begin the work quickly. The project scope expanded after they got inside of our walls, and then they did a great job keeping us informed of the changes to timing and fees, so that we never felt like we were unsure of what the project was going to cost or when it would be done. They got the work done on schedule and we are very pleased with the end results. Thanks guys!
Jackie O.
Mike and David came out and treated my man cave for mold. Being a new homeowner, I must say I had A LOT of questions about the process. These guys were stellar! They answered all of my questions and were very patient. Did I mention, they did an awesome job? Not only did they remove all of the mold, but they also found the root of the problem. It turned out that my foundation wall had a crack in it and the previous owner had some shady patch work done before selling the house🤨. Mike and David went above and beyond to get my foundation fixed before they continued there work.(Why put a Bentley engine into a Ford Focus right? Lol) Anyhow although we had to leave the house with our dog while they treated, I felt like I was there the entire time because they kept in constant communication every step of the way letting me know what they were doing and going to do, sending me pictures of each step along the way. If you have mold issues, don’t hesitate to call Mike and David. Thank you guys I really appreciate you. They really are “Not Your Average Mold Guys”. Take a bow fellas, you deserve it.
Roy M.
Michael and his team did a great job with my home, I would hire them again without calling anyone else. Just hope I don’t need to…
Nathan H.